Limitorque Damper Control Actuator

Customising actuators and gearbox’s seems to be an everyday occurrence, this is often required to enable seamless integration with existing plant.

Pictured below is a Limitorque L120 series actuator, it is for installation on a hot air damper at Loy Yang-A Power Station located in the Latrobe Valley in Victoria.

The Limitorque motor is dual voltage, primarily 208/3/50Hz with 415/3/50Hz connection for planned future upgrades, in addition is “H” class insulated with special design to permit continuous duty. Position feedback is via an RVDT which is loop powered therefore is able to report damper position in the absence of the main power supply.

The gearbox and floor stand is customised to duplicate the mounting arrangement of the existing gearbox, complete with full bearing support and shaft for connection to damper linkage.

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