Acrodyne- Making Safety in Industry ‘A Way of life’

Acrodyne offers the PS Automation AMS Smart Linear Electric Actuator with PSEP Fail safe Device for Processes requiring emergency positioning in sudden cases of power failure or emergency situations.

The PSEP is an energy pack firmly attached to the actuator housing and is ready to operate. It does not require any extra space or wiring and is easily field installable.

As soon as the actuator electronics recognizes a mains power failure or an ESD signal, it instantly cuts in the PSEP energy pack power supply and the actuator moves the valve to a pre-set safety position which is communicated to the control room via a potential free relay contact. The actuator operates as in normal operation and positions the valve with nominal power and set speed, when switched to the energy pack. Therefore, the direction of operation of the valve is irrelevant during the emergency positioning function.

PS AMS actuators include enhanced electronics with an embedded micro-controller with flash memory that controls and monitors the entire actuator function. Valve specific force and process dependant emergency positions are easily programmable.

Communication is faster and more reliable using the PSCS software or wireless via Blue Tooth from a PC or PDA which allows data such as safety positions- “limits or intermediate” to be downloaded from the actuator edited and sent back to the actuator.

Standard Features:

  • Back up for at least one positioning cycle
  • Safety position selectable
  • Normal thrust while powered from energy pack
  • IP 67
  • Standard supply Voltage 24 V AC / DC, 115 V AC / 230 V AC
  • Up to 25 kN shut off thrust
  • Compact & firmly fixed to actuator. Easily field installable.
  • Maintenance free

Acrodyne- Making Safety in Industry ‘A Way of life’.

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