Oil and Gas

Acrodyne and WA Instrumentation provide a wide range of solutions for the Oil and Gas industry. We have a full range of actuators designed to meet the stringent requirements of the petro-chemical sector which deliver both durability and reliability.

In 2016–17, oil was the largest primary energy source in Australia providing nearly 38% of all energy consumed. Natural gas provided almost 25% of primary energy. Renewables accounted for just over 6% of primary energy consumption.

Acrodyne specialise in a range of actuators and related accessories for all areas of petrochemical industry. Whether it from the deep ocean floors, remote oil wells and oil sands, production processing, distribution and storage – Acrodyne have the actuator packages you need to construct and maintain your operations and provide a complete flow management portfolio.

Actuators play a vital role to critical processes within petrochemical plants which is why our actuators are built to withstand even the most extreme conditions. Our high-quality equipment is backed by our Australian-based service and support teams in our QRC (Quick Response Center) providing peace of mind that support is just a phone call away.

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