Harmonic Drive FHA Series Speed Reducers

11For over 25 years Acrodyne have been the Australian and New Zealand agent for Harmonic Drive Precision Motion Control and are now releasing the FHA-C series AC servo actuator range.


The FHA-C series AC servo actuators’ compact shape and hollow-shaft construction enables possible downsizing of machinery/equipment and simplifies design. This is due to the inherent compact and lightweight design whilst maintaining mechanical integrity.

The actuator offers zero backlash allowing exceptional repeatability and high accuracy.

Product’s features

  • Thin and compact configuration
  • Hollow-shaft construction allows cables, tubing etc to be passed through.
  • High torque, high rigidity, high accuracy
  • Built-in high-rigidity support mechanism
  • Availability of a series of multifunctional control units
  • Torques range from 39Nm to 820Nm dependant of models

Used for:

  • Machine tools: Tool revolvers, index tables, loaders;
  • Industrial robots: for whirling and articulated drives;
  • Semiconductor manufacturing equipment: for transport robots, inspection tables;
  • Liquid crystal manufacturing equipment: for transport robots, inspection tables, sensitizer application roll driving mechanisms;
  • Printing machines

Acrodyne can offer solutions for all your precision motion control needs.

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