Goldfields Pipeline-Limitorque

By 1895 it was clear that the problem of supplying water to the growing population on the goldfields required a radical solution. It took the brilliant mind of Engineer-in-Chief, Charles Yelverton O’Connor, to come up with the solution; however, his proposal was met with disdain from many. O’Connor’s credentials and the political skills and determination of Premier Sir John Forrest laid the basis for success. Work began in 1898, and the Goldfields Water Supply Scheme was officially opened on 22 January 1903 at Coolgardie.

Two days later it was opened at Mount Charlotte in Kalgoorlie. Our West Australian team travel to almost every corner of the state, to give our international friends some perspective, Texas will fit about 3.5 times into this state.


Scott Edgar heads up our WA team, on a recent trip involving instrumentation calibrations for Water Corp, Scott checked in on one of our many Limitorque MX series actuators, this one is located on the Goldfields Pipeline at Toorak Hill.

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