1988 Production Platform Fire

The phone rings with a tongue-in-cheek request for 6 x Actuators to suit WKM gate valves fitted to the inlet and outlets of a MOL pump (Main Oil-Line Pump). We had just received our first 40 foot container of Limitorque L120 modular actuator components, needless to say, we were up for the challenge.

A situation had occurred on an offshore production platform in Bass Strait, the existing (non-Limitorque) actuators were severely damaged in the fire, the ability to repair or replace that brand was not a feasible option.

I loaded the first of the L120’s into the boot of my car and headed off to Fernbank Engineering located in Stratford in those days, the actuator stem nut was screw cut and the actuator mounted to the valve and tested, another trip back to Bayswater and 5 more L120’s on the trailer followed up by a helicopter ride offshore to assist in start up and commissioning.

The same ability to respond to situations like this is still our number one priority, having the facilities to custom build Limitorque actuators here in Australia is both unique and makes us proud to claim Australian content.

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