Limitorque LPS Pneumatic Scotch Yoke Heavy-Duty Actuators

September 4, 2019

Limitorque LPS Pneumatic Scotch Yoke Heavy-Duty Actuators retrofitted to existing DN600 inlet butterfly valves to prevent untreated raw water passing into and through the plants without chemical dosing. The Limitorque actuators will enable the plant to implement a ‘fail close’ strategy for the inlet valves.

Different colour but still a Limitorque

Some preparation work for an AVK Flow Control job, this project is utilising Wouter Witzel Butterfly Valves with Vulcanized Liner and Limitorque MX Actuators. The requirement by the customer is C5 painting to a specific color, all Actuators and Gearboxes were coated in house.

Zero Harm whilst using the ACROGEARS APS140N

August 21, 2019

Another Aunspach D80 torque limiter and Acrogears Bevel Gearbox for final assembly. This assembly is destined for a coastal waste water treatment plant and will be retrofitted to an existing penstock. The trip torque (52Nm) has been factory calibrated by Acrodyne and will provide peace of mind and confidence to the operator ensuring no damage and Zero Harm whilst using the ACROGEARS APS140N petrol driven portable actuator.

Limitorque MX and Velan Gate Valve

Limitorque MX Single Phase Electric Actuator and a Velan 8inch, Class 150 Gate Valve. Limitorque and Velan share a rich history of countless successful applications together which spans many decades, one notable was at the Three Mile Island Nuclear accident where a Velan block valve fitted with a Limitorque actuator became a crucial control element to maintain pressurization to the primary plant allowing the plant to resume normal operation.

Growing population needs a growing infrastructure.

August 7, 2019

Limitorque MXa electric actuators successfully commissioned in a wastewater treatment plant for their recent upgrade to not only add colour to site but more importantly to increase its capacity and to ensure water used by the area’s steadily growing population continues to be managed in a safe and sustainable manner.

Retrofitting not an issue at Acrodyne

July 31, 2019

Acrogear Bevel Gear Operator fitted to a Vent-O-Mat RF Pinch Valve during final set-up. The valve is supplied to us in complete knock down inclusive of a retrofit kit for either manual (via gearbox) or electric operation. The RF Pinch valve is fully assembled in our Melbourne facility, inclusive of screw cutting drive nut, inserting liner etc and stem tube cover.

When precision is key

Limitorque MX-10 actuator and an AVK 300mm resilient seated gate valve package on final test prior to releasing to South East Water. The application is to balance water level in 2 x tanks, the ability of the MX with its Absolute Position Encoder to resolve to fractions of millimetres was a perfect fit for the job.

Stocks solid despite strong sales

Recent projects have challenged our Quick Response stock levels in Melbourne, however there is always sufficient in reserve to meet the demands of Quick Response to meet your needs with Limitorque actuators and gearboxes. Our stock of Acrogears bevels, worms and spurs in combination with local supply of Limitorque MX’s can meet almost any application you may have.

Age has no boundaries

July 24, 2019

Our Limitorque L120 test cell may look dated when compared to our state of the art Smart-Actuator End-Of-Line test facility, however it still plays a valuable part in our overall Actuator Automation build, repair and test processes. Having the ability to custom build valve actuators in Australia backed up with the capacity to fully functional test each unit inclusive of torque vs current analysis at varying voltages via our variac means we can simulate actual field conditions, ensuring the performance of every actuator we build and test.

One from our vault!

July 10, 2019

Pictured are Limitorque SMB actuators close coupled to HBC worm gearboxes, these actuators are operating radial gates via cable drums with “slack rope detection devices” This job was version “2” Limitorque actuators were quoted, however lost to our competitor, soon after our competitor’s actuators wouldn’t raise the gates, we were re-engaged to provide the solution.

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