Do you require an urgent delivery or quote?

April 17, 2019

Our shelves in Australia are stocked with Limitorque MX Actuators. Need quick quote response?, Need quick delivery? come and talk to us about your requirements, our Application Engineers are armed and ready to provide the right solution.  
EXD solenoid valves, ACROMATIC

Hazardous area packages ready for delivery

April 3, 2019

The first of many packages that are being dispatched to one of our Petrochem customers. This is one part of a hazardous area upgrade utilizing EXD solenoid valves, ACROMATIC pneumatic actuators and ACROMATIC switch boxes mounted to 50mm and 100mm APV fire-safe valves.
Limitorque is creating extraordinary flow control solutions

No actuator or valve is ever to big or to small

March 27, 2019

With over 90 years of history, Limitorque is creating extraordinary flow control solutions to make the world better for everyone.
Gosan Wide Lathe

New lathe new capabilities

February 20, 2019

Acrodyne’s workshop took delivery of a new lathe this month that will add to our already impressive workshop and Quick Response Centre (QRC). The new lathe with its longer bed, larger bore and new traveling steadies means that we now have the capabilities to produce F10/F12 extensions up to 1.5M in house.
Limitorque Before and After

Before and After

When a local Water Retailer needs a quick solution, Limitorque Quick Response Center (QRC) from Acrodyne comes to the rescue. A local Water Authority had a component failure with their current actuator, on evaluation it was revealed to be commercially economical to replace the actuator, this also meant that we were able to have the valve site up and running the very next day.
Acrodyne Limitorque Actuated Gate-2

Actuated slide gate cycle testing

January 30, 2019

Recently Acrodyne completed an order for a petro-chem customer that would be destined to be shipped directly to site. Due to its size and install location, the customer who is based interstate requested a short video demonstrating the valve operating in lieu of a more expensive factory acceptance test.
Limitorque Stock

Limitorque stock levels strong

Acrodyne has currently has a healthy stock of Limitorque electric actuator components that can be built and tested to your specification at our Quick Response Centre (QRC). The QRC is part of Limitorque’s growing network of aftermarket service centres around the world.
MX150 Limitorque

Big, Unique and Ready to Perform

January 9, 2019

Limitorque MX150 Electric Valve Actuator is a unique model, it is able to provide high output RPM while at the same time producing high output torque, perfect to flawlessly integrate into strict plant process operating time parameters. This unit is IECEX approved, it will be put into our paint shop for additional coatings, the drive nut will be screw-cut in our machine shop, all in-house, then shipped off to our refinery customer.
MX QX Limitorque

Waste Water Solution Ready to Deliver

Acrodyne are back in full production after our short Christmas break, here is a batch of Limitorque MX Actuators built and mounted to valves in our QRC complete with additional protective coating on the actuators for longevity in a waste water treatment plant.
Fire Protection Limitorque

Fire Protection

Another order almost ready to ship, these are Limitorque MX Actuators mounted to Kitz gate valves, they form part of an ESD system associated with pump seal safety, all actuators are functionally tested and supplied with Acrodyne Documentation. You will note the FAT test report tagged to the handwheel, we actually laminate these along with the ESD set-up parameters, the ESD functionality on these actuators is possible by specially configured firmware to integrate with the plant.