Limitorque MX85 Actuators for final installation into The Pilbara

May 15, 2019

Another shipment of Limitorque MX85 Actuators ready to leave our Actuator automation centre for final installation into The Pilbara in Western Australia. Due to the climate extremes, the Limitorque’s have received additional protective coatings to cope with the high level of UV, in addition we have included special protective shields across the local display.

Kallista Sewerage Project & Olinda Creek Lower Transfer Main Upgrade

Another batch of Limitorque QX Actuators ready to ship. This project forms part of the Kallista Sewerage Project & Olinda Creek Lower Transfer Main which comes under Yarra Valley Water. The Limitorque QX’s are mounted to AVK Series 764 Resilient Seated Eccentric Plug Valves, free issued to us by AVK Flow Control Australia.

Acrodyne – a premium supplier with a premium after sales service

May 8, 2019

Being a premium supplier of Valve Actuators in Australia is only part of the complete package. Support and after sales service make up an enormous part of our operations, knowing that this is a critical customer requirement. This is a photo of a stem nut we are making for a major refinery in Geelong, Frank has machined this from blank aluminium/bronze, its to suit an older Limitorque actuator, finishing off the stem nut including screw cutting will be completed this morning, ready to have our customer back and operational.

Lets get visual

May 1, 2019

This IECEx Limitorque MXa-40 actuator is leaving our warehouse today for installation into a local refinery. The customer needs visual indication of their process and they also need the stem tube cover to be well protected in a tough environment. Our solution is to wrap it up in a protective stainless steel design and as the valve’s spindle rises the sliding stem tube lifts incrementally giving the operator the best of both worlds.


Manual opening and closing of valves, penstocks and sluice gates equipped with a hand bevel gearbox can be very difficult to perform, often involving two (or more) persons, and requiring several hours of physical work. Acrodyne’s Portable Valve Actuators APB/APS are the ultimate devices to simplify and speed-up all these interventions, allowing one single operator to quickly (and easily) intervene on several manual gearbox reducers – and in total safety.

Steam valves ready to ship

April 17, 2019

Automation of steam valves for heat recovery steam generator. First batch of Limitorque MXa series actuators with AcroGear bevel gearboxes built in our Melbourne Quick-Response Centre. Ready to ship to a 630MW gas-fired combined cycle Australian power plant.                

Do you require an urgent delivery or quote?

Our shelves in Australia are stocked with Limitorque MX Actuators. Need quick quote response?, Need quick delivery? come and talk to us about your requirements, our Application Engineers are armed and ready to provide the right solution.  
EXD solenoid valves, ACROMATIC

Hazardous area packages ready for delivery

April 3, 2019

The first of many packages that are being dispatched to one of our Petrochem customers. This is one part of a hazardous area upgrade utilizing EXD solenoid valves, ACROMATIC pneumatic actuators and ACROMATIC switch boxes mounted to 50mm and 100mm APV fire-safe valves.
Limitorque is creating extraordinary flow control solutions

No actuator or valve is ever to big or to small

March 27, 2019

With over 90 years of history, Limitorque is creating extraordinary flow control solutions to make the world better for everyone.
Gosan Wide Lathe

New lathe new capabilities

February 20, 2019

Acrodyne’s workshop took delivery of a new lathe this month that will add to our already impressive workshop and Quick Response Centre (QRC). The new lathe with its longer bed, larger bore and new traveling steadies means that we now have the capabilities to produce F10/F12 extensions up to 1.5M in house.