Actuator and Valve Assembly

October 20, 2020

Another Limitorque MX electric actuator built, mounted to an AVFI – A Pon company butterfly valve and pre-commissioned ready for packing and shipping out. ACRODYNE, THE AUSTRALIAN ACTUATOR COMPANY #valves #actuators #actuator #waterindustry #watertreatment #wastewatertreatment #miningindustry #mining #oilandgasindustry #powergeneration #steelindustry #oilandgas #australianmade #limitorque #australian #acrodyne #water

Meet Thinushi

We are pleased to announce Thinushi Banneka joining our internal sales team, Thinushi is in her last year of Aerospace Engineering and in the relative short time she has been with us has demonstrated significant ability in the craft of actuator application engineering.

Siemens Pressure Transmitters

A couple of Siemens pressure transmitters being prepared for dispatch. Both are being used in Tank Level Applications, the unit fitted with the remote seal is for a wastewater application and the other with the manifold is for a water application.

Harry Tan lending a helping hand

Harry is territory manager for South Australia, Queensland and select Victorian customers. Travel restrictions has meant for a lot of us a degree of flexibility, here Harry is helping out our production team in ensuring we meet our delivery commitments with a batch of Limitorque QX actuators.  ‘ Harry, by profession is a Mechanical Engineer and has significant experience in both actuator and valve application as well as an integral knowledge of process requirements of many industrial plants.

The new Limitorque MXb Electric Actuator

October 5, 2020

The MX Series B (MXb) electric actuator is Limitorque’s next-generation, high- performance unit. It offers an improved user experience, superior reliability, and enhanced analytics. • Up to 50% faster commissioning, setup and operation from a simplified menu structure • Improved legibility owing to a larger, high-resolution LCD screen that extends viewing distance and detail • Enhanced visualization of operational graphs, logs and trends data • Isolated input/outputs to improve protection from outside interference • Longer service life from higher-rated components for extended operating ranges and mean time between failure (MTBF) • Easier maintenance with a new electronic connector design that allows quick access • Increased memory with real-time clock (RTC) improves the quality of data captured • Advanced diagnostics provide greater process visibility and control This high-performance, three-phase actuator is designed to deliver in the most challenging applications in a variety of industries, including oil and gas, chemical, power and water.

A Typical Day At Acrodyne Actuator Central

October 1, 2020

A sea of actuators being built, modified, overhauled or serviced, a very typical day at Acrodyne. These actuators are an integral part of a multitude of industries including water or wastewater treatment plants, power stations, mine sites, offshore oil production platforms and power stations and most are on a short lead time requirement to ensure these plants are up and running with the least amount of disruption.

Limitorque Decant Actuator

September 23, 2020

Another Aussie built to order Limitorque L120 decant actuator in it’s final End-Of-Line testing prior to being sent off to Sydney Water. The capabilities that Acrodyne possess are very different to a standard “BOX-IN, BOX-OUT type actuator company, our local Australian content is significant.
Scapin-Portable Actuator


September 21, 2020

After the huge success of the previous versions, Acrodyne is proud to present the re-styling of its APS Portable Valve Actuators – for easy handling of manual valves, penstocks and sluice gates – equipped with a Honda GX petrol engine. The new RED POWER LINE will be the first series to get benefit of some important modifications and improvements aimed at making our portable devices even more performing, safe and efficient than before.

Beck Actuator in for a well deserved inspection

September 11, 2020

This actuator is manufactured by Harold Beck and Sons who have been making extremely unique actuators since 1936. This Beck actuator has been working relentlessly performing millions of cycles in one of the harshest environments at a steel plant in the Illawarra.

Another Solar Install Completed

September 9, 2020

has successfully completed another commissioning sign-off on a solar installation for Melbourne Water, this one is located at McMahons Creek. Our scope included–Limitorque MX actuators, Acrotorque gearbox’s, new stems, adapter plates and stem protection covers. The Limitorque MX series is a maintenance free actuator perfectly suited to remoteness of the application.

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