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Out with the old in with the new

January 29, 2020

Andrew Hartley supplying yet another locally made Limitorque actuator, this time to displace another brand actuator that was just too far gone. The Limitorque MX was supplied complete with an AVFI Knife Gate Valve, mounted, tested, set-up, calibrated plus additional protective coating on the Limitorque for installation in a waste water treatment plant for Barwon Water.

Acrogears Declutchable Worm Gearbox

December 11, 2019

Acrogears Declutchable Worm Gearbox. The Acrogears Declutchable worm gearbox is generally used for emergency manual override as part of pneumatic actuator systems. The Acrogears gearbox incorporates a unique “one-handed” declutch function, simplifying multiple lever-lock systems for a smooth transition during manual operation, in addition the push-button to enable lever movement is padlockable, ensuring unauthorised use.

Stem Tube Covers

What can be said about valve stem tube covers? infact a lot. These rising indicator stem tube covers are for a local refinery for use in a tank farm. The rising indicator is weighted meaning that the top of the stem does not require threading to attach the indicator rod.
Acrodyne Electric Actuator Pneumatic Actuator, Limitorque, QRC,

Putting the Quick Response Centre (QRC) to the test!

November 6, 2019

Recently a customer had a need for 8 x Limitorque QX Exd electric actuators within a tight turnaround… here’s what Acrodyne provided thanks to Acrodyne Limitorque – Quick Response Centre. Actuators being worked on hours after PO placement 8 units Limitorque Ex D QXs Coal Seam Gas Application 3 working day turnaround DONE!

Acrodyne’s custom valve packages

October 9, 2019

Another valve package from our QRC (Quick Response Centre). Pictured is a 150mm Butterfly valve, mounted with a AcroMatic Pneumatic Actuator and AcroMatic Smart Positioner, the complete assembly is totally set-up ready for a simple site installation, no need to set end stops, no need to calibrate or program the positioner, its all done.

ACROGEAR Gearboxes

Acrogear Bevel Gear Operators can be configured for almost if not all applications. What makes Acrogears unique is the ability to be manually operated, close coupled to an electric actuator, used in conjunction with a chainwheel or via a portable actuator which are becoming mainstream these days.

Acrodyne – Development and Innovation

Meet Jon Bayly, nothing brings a bigger smile to Jon’s face more than another successful job going out the door. The final product looks like it was made for the Acrogears Bevel Gearbox, however there is a lot of work in modifying a standard Kim Diaphragm Valve to make it suitable for an alternate way to operate it.
Acrogears APS100n portable petrol actuator


September 18, 2019

Our process in selecting a portable actuator for easy and safe operation of valves is inline with the same principals used when sizing any actuator for automatic valve operation, this is the difference between an industrial tool and a purpose built and correctly sized portable actuator.


The red paint is an instant give-away, however another batch of specially coated bevel gearboxes operating gate valves on critical fire service application at a local Exxon Mobil facility. Pictured are the gearboxes just out of the paint shop, all gearboxes feature local position indicators and pad lockable hand wheels.

Another From The Vault

September 4, 2019

Its not often you get to see infrastructure projects as they occur as well as the history and people behind them, I recently came across these pictures in our collection and thought I would share.

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