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An Actuator to Last a Lifetime

April 19, 2021

Beck electric actuator crated up and ready to make its way to Queensland for installation in a major power station facility. The Beck unit will be operating an ID fan, the Beck unit is an extremely unique device by design which sets it apart from traditional actuators employing worm gear principal.

AcroTorq Electric Actuator Packages

March 31, 2021

These units literally walk out the door! either mounted to a valve or actuator supply only. The AcroTorq SA series is a 90 degree electric actuator, (optional 270-Deg), IP67 enclosure with manual override and an illuminated local indicator dome. The smallest unit is rated to 30Nm and the the largest in the SR range is 90Nm, operational on single phase or 24VDC.

Acrodyne’s Production Team Making It All Happen

March 29, 2021

Richard preparing some valve extensions prior to assembly of valves and actuators. Our production team play a critical role in our overall capabilities in assisting in the best solutions for our actuation products, having the ability to design, fabricate and build actuators in-house is truly unique.

Loy Yang—Limitorque Damper Actuators

March 26, 2021

Frank Busse is doing some final checks-offs on a Limitorque L120 actuator prior to delivery to Loy Yang power station in the Latrobe Valley. Limitorque actuators have had a long service history with the plant since the early 1980’s spanning models including HMB, SMC, L120 and MX, the L120’s are optioned with extended duty motors which also have dual voltage connections, in addition we include an RVDT (Rotary variable differential transformer) providing loop powered 4-20madc output, the unit is a non-contacting device.

Acrodyne-Limitorque Tamper-Proof-Cover

March 24, 2021

We are often requested to provide our Tamper-Proof-Covers for a number of reasons, including concealment of switches, local display and indicator lights in public areas or to permit large size lock clasps that normally would not fit onto the standard local-off-remote selector switch.

Limitorque MX Mounting to Knife Gate Valves

March 22, 2021

Actuators have been built, stem nuts screw cut and thrust bases adapted to the knife gate valves, the next step is assembly, set-up and test and if required video FAT for our customer. For us the process is easy, logistics are simplified and a fully tested actuator/valve package ready for installation streamlines the complete process.

Limitorque MX Actuator QRC Mounting

March 19, 2021

QRC (Quick Response Centre) to us means many things, one of which is having in-house capability in completing the adaption process. Our in-house automation centre ensures major infra-structure facilities are back on-line with minimal disruption, this is a significant factor in the QRC process.

Limitorque MX & AVK Knife Gate Valves

March 17, 2021

Almost ready to be dispatched, 16 sets of Aussie built-to-order Limitorque MX10 actuators and AVK Flow Control Pty Ltd DN300 Knife Gate Valves complete with extensions. Final destination is one of Melbourne Water major wastewater treatment facilities. All actuators include Modbus with TCP/IP incorporating a simple Ethernet connection located within the MX double sealed terminal compartment.

Another successful project delivery

March 16, 2021

This application required some very tight valve control associated with a gas application in Australia. Limitorque QX actuators were selected for a number of reasons including its ability to finely tune the loop as well as its reliable and rugged reputation in the Australian Gas industry.

Limitorque SMC Actuator SWOP Outfall

February 24, 2021

This unit was installed in 1987 at the McGaurans Beach ocean outfall site known as SWOP (Saline Water Outfall Pipeline). The Limitorque SMC is fitted to a regulator valve and operated via a VSD (variable speed drive), I remember during commissioning the harmonics produced by lack of filtering by early VSD’s, fortunately VSD’s have progressed significantly since those days.

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