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Continuous Rated Decant Drive–Aquatec-Maxcon

June 10, 2020

Limitorque L120-40-Decants were originally supplied to Aquatec -Maxcon operating their Decanting Weir for a WWTP facility. After 23 years of reliable service the site has decided they would like to hold a spare. Acrodyne enhance the standard design of the Limitorque L120-40 with a number of design features which has made the Acodyne L120-40-Decant the choice of product for continuous and extended duty applications.

Australian “Made to Order” Limitorque Actuators

The production line of actuators from our Melbourne based Quick Response Centre is as busy as ever, both multi-turn and quarter turn, if required mounted to your valve of choice.

Projects In The Background

Acrodyne has been busy working on a few projects behind the scenes, this is a snippet of what we have been up to— Essentially we have started with standard actuator products and then identify ways we can extend its functionally for operation on alternate power source, we now have developed a platform where we can provide various levels of control options– -24 vdc multiturn applications, direct drive as well as gearbox combinations, potentially up to 25,000Nm and 116,000Nm for 90 degree applications -Options for Battery packs -Options for Solar panels -Options for RTU’s etc Acrodyne Solar Actuation Systems (1Mb) Keep an eye out for more to come— #valves #valve #actuators #watertreatment #butterflyvalve #ballvalve#oilandgas #wastewatertreatment #actuator #gearbox #wastewater#ballvalves #watersolutions #solarpower #acrodyne #limitorque#batterystorage #solarpanels #waterindustry

Dual Valve, 1 x Gearbox

This is on a steam application where the requirement was to operate 2 x valves in exact unison, the solution we came up with was to utilise an AcroGear worm gearbox with dual outputs. A little bit of creative engineering design and component fabrication, the end result functioned perfectly.

Australian “Made To Order” Limitorque’s for the Melbourne Metro Rail Project

Acrodyne are proud to be supplying AC Whalan with Australian made to order Limitorque actuators operating gate valves, actuators have been built, tested and are being prepped for additional protective coatings. Arnold Clement Whalan established A.C. Whalan & Co Pty Ltd and commenced trading in 1939, the business traded as a stock and station agent with business involvement primarily in agricultural activities, such as the supply of rural produce, fencing and feed.

Limitorque Exd MX85’s–Short Lead Time

Two Limitorque MX85’s, Exd approved ready for fitting to locally made (Australian) Choke Valves. Once fitted up and tested they will be destined for the Gulf of Mexico for an oil and gas installation. The lead time was incredibly tight on this project, from order placement of the MX85’s to ex-works was an incredible 5 weeks.

Acrodyne’s Limitorque L120-40-Decant on Test

One of the last but an important step in the process of producing Decant drive actuators is the testing, Frank Busse will spend the entire day conducting testing and recording all critical parameters. The actuator will undergo many simulated site condition trials-multiple times, once it has passed it will then be prepared for Acrodyne’s C5 paint procedure and then sent to our customer.

Made to Order

May 27, 2020

Australian “Made to Order” Limitorque Actuators. The production line of actuators from our Melbourne based Quick Response Centre is as busy as ever, both multiturn and quarter turn, if required mounted to your valve of choice.

Acrogears bevel gearbox mounted to a Crane Gate valve

April 20, 2020

A soon to be modified Crane Gate Valve which will be adapted with an Acrogear Bevel gearbox for manual operation. Our Quick Response Centre is a one stop Australian Owned and Operated Valve Actuator and Automation facility, not only do we build to order Limitorque electric valve actuators, we also have a full automation centre to adapt our products to yours ensuring correct fit and correct set up along with factory acceptance testing, pre-recommissioning etc.

1988 Production Platform Fire

The phone rings with a tongue-in-cheek request for 6 x Actuators to suit WKM gate valves fitted to the inlet and outlets of a MOL pump (Main Oil-Line Pump). We had just received our first 40 foot container of Limitorque L120 modular actuator components, needless to say, we were up for the challenge. A situation had occurred on an offshore production platform in Bass Strait, the existing (non-Limitorque) actuators were severely damaged in the fire, the ability to repair or replace that brand was not a feasible option.

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