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WIOA Exhibition in Tamworth April 1 & 2

February 27, 2020

The WIOA NSW Water Industry Operations Conference and Exhibition is coming to Tamworth on the 1st & 2nd of April 2020. The exhibition is the largest water exhibition in regional NSW and provides a chance to discover and research new technology, equipment, services and ideas.

AcroWrench Portable Actuator

February 12, 2020

In addition to our standard range of actuators, Acrodyne Pty Ltd specialise in a full range of portable actuators, petrol, battery or in the case of the unit Harry Tan is holding pneumatic. The AcroWrench is a very simple and easy implemented solution to open and close any type of multi-turn manual valve in minutes without the associated fatigue and repetitive strain associated with manual handling.

Goldfields Pipeline-Limitorque

By 1895 it was clear that the problem of supplying water to the growing population on the goldfields required a radical solution. It took the brilliant mind of Engineer-in-Chief, Charles Yelverton O’Connor, to come up with the solution; however, his proposal was met with disdain from many.

AVFI Plug Valve-Limitorque QX Actuator

Another completed package with Diana Grande giving it her seal of approval. The plug valve was free-issued by AVFI, mounting, set up, calibration and protective coatings were all completed in house making it a simple process of bolting into the pipework and connecting the power once at site.

Googong WTP

The Googong Water Treatment Plant (WTP) was built in 1979 at the same time as Googong Dam. The Queanbeyan River catchment, which feeds Googong Dam, is an inhabited rural catchment and extensive treatment is necessary to ensure a safe drinking water supply.

Millions of Decant Operations

Limitorque L120-10-Decant Actuator in for a service, this unit is fitted on the sequencing batch aerobic treatment in intermittently decanted extended aeration tanks.     The actuator has literally completed millions of cycles, Frank Busse is in the process of a full dismantle, clean inspect and provide our customer with a quotation prior to any further work.

Limitorque Filter Flow Control Actuator

Another Limitorque MX actuator and Ebro Butterfly Valve for Melbourne Water’s Winneke Treatment Plant. Built at Sugarloaf Reservoir in 1980, Winneke was the first treatment plant to supply Melbourne with fully treated water. It uses sand filtration to provide about one-quarter of Greater Melbourne’s drinking water.

1939 Limitorque GS Actuators

Another one from the vault! We had such an overwhelming reaction to the “The World’s First Actuator” post I thought I would share another. Limitorque Model GS is the earliest catalogued Limitorque actuator after the Philadelphia Gear

Limitorque – The Worlds First Actuator.

In the 1920’s an inventor named Payne Dean was issued a patent for a machine which had the unique ability to sense and subsequently limit output force in a precisely controlled manner, he coined the acronym “Limitorque” which aptly described the ability of the device to “limit the torque” Below is a drawing of that first actuator, model D100, it became the foundation product with principals that are instilled in modern day actuators today, these principals have also been adopted by the majority of other actuator manufacturers, testament to the Limitorque original design.

Buried Service Gearbox

January 29, 2020

Acrogears buried service gearboxes are a perfect solution for buried butterfly valves. Our standard Acrogears gearbox is subject to a number of additional features that make is suitable for permanent buried applications, generally in compacted dirt. The existing gearbox has significant sealing as standard, O-rings on both ends of the drive sleeve, sealed input shaft bearing, lip seal on the input shaft, seals on the end-of-travel end stop adjustments, fully gasketed surfaces and an O-ring seal at the top of the drive sleeve cover.

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