Buried Service Gearbox

Acrogears buried service gearboxes are a perfect solution for buried butterfly valves.

Our standard Acrogears gearbox is subject to a number of additional features that make is suitable for permanent buried applications, generally in compacted dirt.

The existing gearbox has significant sealing as standard, O-rings on both ends of the drive sleeve, sealed input shaft bearing, lip seal on the input shaft, seals on the end-of-travel end stop adjustments, fully gasketed surfaces and an O-ring seal at the top of the drive sleeve cover.

The gearbox then receives 316SS fixing hardware with thread sealer to all bolts, indicator is replaced with a sealed static cover, grease is replaced with waterproof marine grade grease and finished with significant protective coatings.

We also incorporate an input adaptor to allow a sealed torque tube to be adapted minimising disturbance to the surrounding compacted dirt.

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