Boyne Smelter Incinerator Upgrade

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Acrodyne received an enquiry for equipment to manage a pitch fume incinerator at Boyne Smelter’s Wharf. The incinerator uses natural gas to burn off pitch volatiles while still contributing heat to the HTF circuit.

With the incinerator being exposed to salt water corrosion and UV the selection of the actuation unit was critical. The accepted solution was a Beck electric actuator mounted onto the incinerator controlling the gas regulating and air supply damper.



The BECK advantage:

  • The highly precise modulation on the Beck electric actuator enhances the mixing of the gas and air to create a cleaner burn and then returning it back into the atmosphere.
  • Ease of installation with existing crank arm and footmount
  • Beck’s history and positive results for the same mounted gas controlled valves in use in other locations around the world.







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