The AcroGears AG-TR series worm gearbox incorporates a unique design suited for buried service valve applications by way of the travelling nut input stop.

Generally worm gearboxes are mechanically stopped via end-stop bolts on the output, for high ratio gearbox applications, end of travel stops simply don’t provide sufficient end of travel notification, the result is a broken gearbox housing due to the high output torque that can be achieved, the excavation costs can be extremely high to resolve the issue.

The traveling nut input stop is set via the required number of turns on the input side which is the low torque side, mitigating damage to the gearbox.

Coupled with Acrodyne’s Overtorque protector, complete protection for full travel of operation is provided, not just at either end of travel.

The solution= AcroGears Input Stop Gearbox and Acrodyne OVERTORQUE PROTECTOR..

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