The all new HELIS valve from Pnuematrol provides high flow, quick exhaust, low power, integrated tubing with junction box, this new valve is directed at large scotch yoke actuator, diaphragm control valve makers and valve manufactures and integrators typically in both the downstream and upstream oil & gas pipeline market.

The HELIS valve meets the fast opeing closing requirements while at the same time providing simplicity and compact control system by combining single 3/2 SOV + Air Pilot + Booster + Quick Exhaust Valves while reducing complicated tubing.

• 3/2 Pilot Operated Normally Closed Solenoid Valve
• Solenoid / Spring Return Function
• Robust Internal Metal Poppet Design
• Integrated with Interchangeable CNOMO Solenoid Interface Operators
• Choices of Safe Area Terminal Box, Ex d Flameproof or Ex ia Intrinsically Safe Solenoid Coils
• Standard Body Material – Anodized Aluminum

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