Acrodyne provides the Fail-Safe Solution in Valve Actuation

The Acro-Torq SR series Spring return electric actuators offered by Acrodyne are proving to be the economical and reliable choice in process systems requiring emergency fail safe action.

Some of the applications in which these actuators are operating in are:

·Storm water recovery schemes

·Fly Ash plants of Power Stations

·Odour Control in Waste Water treatment Plants

·Diesel Fuel injection Systems

. Effluent control in remote Sewerage Plant

In addition to the above, other applications are:

·Dangerous Leaks

·Burst pipeline

·Untimely power outages

·Unmanned remote sites without pneumatic power

The design consists of a spiral wound spring on the same axis as that of the motor. In the power on mode the motor drives the output shaft and simultaneously loads the spring. When the motor cuts out at the end position an electro-pneumatic brake prevents the spring from releasing it’s energy. On loss of power, the brake is released and the spring drives the valve to a pre-configured fail safe position.

Max Torque: Three models are available with torques of 50 Nm, 100 Nm and 140Nm adjusted up to 300 Nm.

Power Supply: Available in Voltages of 415 VAC 3 Ph, 240 / 110 VAC 1 Ph and 24 VDC

Spring travel time:1 sec. Can be governor set up to 3 secs & increased to 10 secs with optional dashpot

Enclosure protection: O ring sealed to IP 67. IP 68 available as an option.

Every actuator is bench tested at Acrodyne’s Works and supported in the field by qualified experienced technicians.

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