Acrodyne Launches the Limitorque Master Station II

Plug-and-play control and diagnostic solution for up to 250 DDC-100 field units

Limitorque, the global leader in the design and manufacture of actuation solutions, announces the introduction of the Limitorque Master Station II – a next generation master station that is designed and manufactured by Limitorque specifically for use with the Limitorque line of DDC-100 field units.

The Limitorque Master Station II is a virtually maintenance-free, plug-and-play solution that provides complex control and diagnostics of Limitorque field units through a simple touch-panel operator interface. Designed for power, petrochemical, oil and gas, water and wastewater applications, the Master Station II supports all Limitorque DDC-100 field units including the MX, L120,  LY and QX and is a single-source controller for up to 250 (MOVs) actuators.

The new control unit offers optional standard rack enclosure, mountable enclosure or standalone cabinet enclosure. The user-friendly touch-panel operator interface permits configuration and control of a DDC-100 network with communication to host or DCS (Distribution Control System), and also enables password protection.

Optional hot stand-by configuration automatically assumes control on primary master failure or on command from the DCS or touch panel. The Master Station II, which provides real time status of field units through continuous cyclical polling, is configured for Modbus RTU and TCP/IP that is addressable with RS-232/485/422 and a 10/100 baseT.

The advanced Limitorque design offers a built-in webserver for ease of actuator and network diagnostics, with options for actuator control, including host control via the Master Station II, Modbus DCS port or Modbus TCP/IP connection. Direct control via the Master Station II touch panel provides network status, actuator status, and control of all actuators on network and valve emergency shutdown (ESD). The Master Station II is available in standard 24 VDC and 100-240 VAC, requires no batteries, and is backed by Limitorque quality support and service.

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