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Celebrating its 30th birthday this year, Acrodyne is a leading supplier in the field of actuation, instrumentation and control products. Managing Director Rod Mason credits the company’s success with being adaptable.knox_business_life_no_56_november_2015-9“The market and technology is always changing so if you stay doing the same thing you will probably find yourself in a bit of trouble.” He believes it never hurts to look a little further as someone might have a good idea. This was his attitude when he decided to participate in the recent Grow Your Business ‘Decisions That Drive Profits’ group training program auspiced by Knox Council. Being adaptable is a key to success says Rod Mason. “You never know,” said Rod, “They might have something they can teach us that we don’t know.” “In fact, we did learn more about business planning and now have our existing plan in a more concise form. Also, we all got a clearer idea of resourcing the business for growth.”


Credit: Knox Business Life
Issue 56 November 2015

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