Acro-Matic patented sealing system offers distinct operational advantages.

By using high quality materials and a unique sealing system, Acro-Matic Namur mount solenoid valves are able to offer distinct advantages to our customers.

No compromises were made in the selection of materials – All valve bodies are produced in anodised aluminium, the spool from stainless steel and the manual override from brass.

Due to its unique design, all Acro-Matic spool valves offer reliable low friction operation

Major advantages are based on the following technical features:

There is no deformation of the seal during assembly of the valve – all seals are allowed to move independently within the brass cage. Without air pressure there is no contact pressure and, therefore, no friction. This construction also aids the operation the valves in use. When switching a 5/2 valves, only three of the five seals are exposed to pressure and applying friction to the spool.

This unique sealing design means that the contact pressure, and consequently the sealing effect, increases proportionally to the air pressure. If the air pressure is low, contact pressure of the seals and friction are minimised.

Even when pressure is high, due to the shape of the cage, there is only the minimal contact pressure applied to the sealing rings which is necessary to seal the valve, as shown in the drawing below.

The design of these seals offer the following distinct advantages:

+ High durability and extended lifetime!

+ High flow combined with compact design!

+ High reliability of all valves!

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