Acro-Gear Manual Gear Operators – Now IP68 Rated

Acrodyne’s exclusive range of Acro-Gear heavy duty worm and bevel gear operators now come standard with another outstanding feature: Ingress protection rating of IP68 for submersible duty!

This new feature is an asset in any installation situation, allowing the gear operater to resist varying weather conditions which may be encountered during service, such as rain and dust ingress. The main applications where this feature adds significant value is where the unit will be buried in service, or installed in an area which is prone to flooding.

All units are supplied with a heavy duty proof casing which is sealed with specially made waterproof gaskets and O-rings at all possible points of water ingress. Acro-Gear’s operators have been tested in a submerged environment for over 70 hours at a pressure depth of 16 meters. During this testing there was no indication of water ingress into the body of the gear operator, meeting the stringent test requirements for an Ingress Protection Rating of IP68.

Best of all – this feature will now be offered as a standard at no additional cost on all Acro-Gear worm and bevel gear operators purchased from Acrodyne.


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