Acro-Gears Innovative Dual-Input Manual Valve Operators

The Acro-gears range of dual input manual valve operators now offered in both worm and bevel gear configuration for butterfly, gate and globe valves respectively. This setup is particularly effective for use on valves with a high seating/unseating torque and results in reduced effort in this operation while maintaining a lower number of turns in the middle portion of the valves travel where required operating torque is typically lower. The system operates by utilising a secondary input which provides additional mechanical advantage of up to 5 times the primary ratio – perfect also for unseating sticky valves that have not been operated for a period of time. After unseating the valve, the operator can simply elect to use the primary input which provides a lower ratio for faster operation and a lower number of turns. As with all Acro-gears gearboxes, standard features include heavy duty Ductile Iron castings, heat treated machine cut gearing and a standard IP67 O-ring sealed enclosure suitable for temporary submersion. IP68 and buried service options are also available upon request, making this one of the most versatile gear operators on the market today.

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