Acro-Gears Heavy Duty Worm Gear Actuators

The Acro-Gears ASB series of worm gear actuators available from Acrodyne – Designed specifically for heavy duty ball, butterfly, plug valve and damper applications and accommodating both manual and motorised forms of operation.

Acro-Gears ASB series worm gearboxes are designed for heavy duty industrial valve applications – Available with single, double and triple reduction input spur gears for reduced user effort and output torque ranging from 300Nm to in excess of 500,000Nm.

All external castings are made from class 65-45-12 ductile iron, featuring a tensile strength of 65,000 psi to provide high strength and excellent impact resistance. The worm gear itself can be supplied in either grade 80-55-06 ductile iron – suitable for most applications or high quality aluminium bronze for motorised applications requiring modulating duty.

As with all Acro-Gears models, customization to suit your application is made easy due to the large range of factory approved options available. All models of our gear actuators are customizable with options that include vertical and other input shaft arrangements, 135°, 180° and 360° worm gears for extended travel, input shaft locking devices and chainwheels. In addition, a floor mounted assembly is now available to house the gearbox for lever-arm and crank operation for ease of integration with all types of dampers and rotating equipment.

All units are supplied with removable splined drive bushings to permit accurate positioning between the gear drive and the valve shaft. The internal section of the gear box is splined so as to accept these splined bushings.

In order to minimize frictional losses between the worm gear and the ductile iron castings, the drive sleeve is furnished with hardened steel thrust washers both above and below, while the worm is made from 4140 heat treated steel, with ground and polished worm threads.

All units are supplied as standard with O-ring and heavy duty gasket sealing giving them an enclosure rating of IP68. As a result all models are suitable for buried or submersible service.

Acro-Gears worm gearboxes are designed to suit almost any application requiring a rugged, quarter turn box capable of being operated via manual handwheel or electric actuator alike.

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