1939 Limitorque GS Actuators

Another one from the vault! We had such an overwhelming reaction to the “The World’s First Actuator” post I thought I would share another. Limitorque Model GS is the earliest catalogued Limitorque actuator after the Philadelphia Gear acquisition of the Limitorque name and patents. Power was transferred to the yoke nut on the valve through an external set of gears. The application is “torque only” and valve seating or unseating thrust forces are not imposed upon the actuator housing. Torque limiting control and travel limit switches are all standard with a full range of gearbox combinations available for butterfly, ball and plug valve applications. Philadelphia Gear began in 1892 and were pioneers in gear design and were one of the nine founding members of the American Gear Manufacturers Association (AGMA), from these beginnings evolved state-of-the-art gear design that Limitorque products employed that has placed Limitorque robust design and longevity at the forefront of the market.


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